Thursday, July 26, 2007

100 things...

I've been seeing this on a few blogs lately so I thought I would join in. You never realize how hard it is to think of 100 things that make yourself unique until you sit down and actually do it. Here goes...

1. I've gone by Kat since 3rd grade.
2. My softball coach would yell "Kat" instead of just stuck.
3. My boss wants me to go by Kathryn...I haven't gotten used to it yet, probably never will.
4. I wash, blow dry and straighten my hair at night. It saves me time in the morning.
5. I'm a night owl.
6. When I was young, I used to eat marshmellows and ketchup...sick, I know.
7. Now, I can't stand when Clint squirts out a puddle of ketchup just to dip his fries.
8. I get motion sickness pretty easily.
9. I have a weak stomach all together.
10. I played volleyball for 8 years.
11. Two of those years, I was on a traveling team.
12. I was a defensive specialist....never got to play the front row.
13. I used to get my hair cut every 6 it's usually every 3 months.
14. I was in 3 high school musicals.
15. And competed in two one act plays.
16. I was the editor of the high school newspaper...geek, I know.
17. I asked Clint on our first date.
18. 6 months later he asked me out on the second date.
19. We dated for five years before we were married.
20. I have to stand on my tip toes to kiss him.
21. He's 6'8 and we sleep in a Queen size bed.
22. I only have half of a....well you should know.
23. I hate flying in air planes.
24. I can't go to sleep at night until the house is picked up.
25. I can't stand shoes not being in the closet.
26. I can't stand hangers without clothes on them.
27. Therefore, I usually do laundry quite often.
28. I hit the snooze button at least twice every morning.
29. I clean the toilets every Saturday.
30. I never wash clothes in hot water, it makes me nervous.
31. I never go to the movie theatre....Clint hates that about me.
32. There's a right and a wrong way to load the dishwasher. If you don't know the right way, just let me do it.
33. I really like the people I work with.
34. ACU is the second university I've worked for.
35. Wayland Baptist was the first.
36. I used to be a youth minister's wife.
37. I'm secretly terrified to be a preacher's wife.
38. I worked ACU Leadership Camps all four of my college summers.
39. I can't wait for my children to go to those camps.
40. I have the names all picked out for our kids.
41. Who knows when they are going to come though.
42. I love "The Bachelor."
43. I try to work out 5 days a week....sometimes it doesn't happen.
44. I secretly want to live in Abilene the rest of my life.
45. I love the Core 7.
46. I brush my teeth first thing in the morning.
47. I've worn contacts since 5th grade.
48. My major at ACU was Human Comms....I think it was the easiest major available.
49. I tear up everytime Clint speaks at Kadesh.
50. I wonder how tall our kids will be. Hopefully, I'll even them out.
51. I was the chaplain of siggies one was tougher than I thought it was going to be.
52. I love practical jokes.
53. I never skipped school.
54. I usually always follow the rules.
55. I'm super competitive.
56. Clint beat me in putt putt last week, and I didn't talk to him the whole way home.
57. In 7th grade I was on the B basetball team....I should have been on the A team.
58. I made the A team the next year though.
59. I quit basketball all together after that.
60. I don't like snow skiing.
61. But I like wearing the outfits.
62. I love water skiing though.
63. But hate how your thighs have to show when you're doing it.
64. I'm required to make 40 phone calls a week....can I get your number?
65. I had personalized license plates on my first car.
66. They said, "KittyK"
67. I don't have an I-pod....but really want one.
68. I read blogs of people I don't know....who doesn't?
69. I can't wait to be a mom.
70. I tear up at every wedding I go to.
71. I can't stand "The Simpsons" and can't understand why anyone would see that movie.
72. I could eat a cheese burger everyday.
73. I got braces when I was in third grade.
74. I couldn't say my R's when I was young.
75. I've had my ears pierced several times. They would always close up though.
76. I got my second hole pierced right before pledging Siggies.
77. Therefore, that second hole closed up, and I have't gotten redone.
78. I've been to New York twice, but want to go back at Christmas time.
79. I could spend days in Target just walking and looking around.
80. I don't like to talk on the phone.
81. I almost went to UNT, but at the last minute changed my mind.
82. I'm so glad I did.
83. I was the Co-Chair of Freshman Follies, and probably made some enemies.
84. Hopefully I didn't keep the enemies.
85. I secretly just sung the melody in every Sing Song Act.
86. I couldn't move my arms and not sing the words at the same time.
87. I wish I knew how to scuba dive.
88. I sunburn easily...but it turns tan in a matter of hours.
89. Sometimes I wonder why people stare at Clint.
90. Then I remember how tall he is.
91. I get stys in my eye often.
92. I love beauty pageants.
93. I've never had the chicken pox...promise.
94. I just cut my hair off and am sort of regretting it.
95. I've cried many times after hair cuts.
96. My love language is quality time.
97. I've always wanted to enjoy reading, but I don't.
98. I have a major sweet tooth. I love dessert!
99. I love looking at people's pictures of facebook.
100. I really do want to "change the world" somehow.

That's it! I could proably post another 100 at some point, but I'll spare you the time. do it. I tag Linds Hall and Leslie. Have fun!


Mom said...

Kitty -

I had no idea you hated flying on airplanes!!! Is that because you threw up all over yourself in the 2nd grade when you flew to Airzona with Stephanie and I wasn't there to help you??? I'm sorry I couldn't be there to make it all better for you! I love you!

ashley said...

I loved reading about you! Your 100 things were really good! :)

mrs. mayo said...

I had fun reading through your 100, but not too excited that you tagged me! Oh the pressure. I'm sure your hair looks great, I can't wait to see it!

Allison said...

I loved reading this! We have LOTS in common. I especially laughed about the thighs showing when you water ski. I H A T E it the most!!

I have a 5'3 Hub and we have a King size bed! Best money ever spent. Yall need to invest!

Great post!!

JENNY said...

I loved your list!! haha. Alot of it made me laugh. I miss you Kat!

Kenli Shea said...

overrat...kidding. I love you, enemies no more. I am glad you finally saw the light.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kat, we just found your blog. Dylan is here with me, and wants to leave you a message.
Matt H

Kat is my best freind, she is the coolest, i miss you, and love you, tell Clint i said Hi!!!

Dylan H.

Kathi P said...

haha! i got your comment today and then read your post...the comment about people staring at clint made me laugh! it's good to hear from you...i'm glad to have another blog to read! ps-i was in amarillo this weekend and thought of you!

Anonymous said...

you should update your blog so I know what is going on in Abilene. so sorry we didn't get together before I left. hope all is well!!