Sunday, December 16, 2007

The most wonderful time

I want to be a better blogger....really I do. I look at other blogs almost on a daily basis expecting an update, yet I still don't have the motivation to update my own. I wish I had cute pregnancy pictures like some, or perhaps even cute pictures of a baby to show, or even just a really cute dog to share with everyone...but instead you're getting a glimpse of our Christmas tree. Maybe next December will be more exciting. Until then though....our tree.

I could only select a few ornaments this year to put on the tree. Because I can probably count all the branches using just my fingers, I had a limited amount of space to hang the probably 30 ornaments in our collection. So without further hesitation, the selected ornaments are: This is Santa skiing. Clint's mom gave us this one during our ski trip 3 years ago. If you remember, I actually hate skiing, but really love this ornament.
We got this Santa two years ago while living in Tulia. I just love him. You might not be able to tell, but he's dressed as a farmer. You remember Tulia's welcoming sign right...."The richest land and the finest people."

This is the only non-Santa ornament on the tree. It's super special this year since our dog Murphy doesn't live with us anymore. That dog looks just like Murphy...brown spots and all.

This Santa has no real meaning behind him. He's on ice skates and just cute. Maybe I'll make up some story to go along with him...any ideas?

We got this snorkeling Santa to remind us of our honeymoon in Hawaii. Clint's family is thinking about going to Hawaii next Christmas....please please please keep your fingers crossed for this!
So that's it. We get a whole week and a day off for Christmas. I absolutely cannot wait for the cannot come soon enough. Clint is finally finished with the worst semester of his life. We're praying for a B in can pray too. Now, only a year and a half left of grad school for him. Enjoy Christmas everyone!


Mom said...
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Leah J. said...

I love that you have stories behind you ornaments ... those are the best kind! Thank you for your sweet Casen comment!

Russell and Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the comment! We are soooo excited about having a baby and I can't believe I am having one either. I have been reading your blog for a while, but I don't know if I have every posted a comment. My New Years resolution is to be a better commenting and less of a blog stalker! Hope you are doing well!