Saturday, December 29, 2007

The last for 2007

Well I can't believe Christmas has come and gone. We're still in Amarillo for just a few more days until we go back to Abilene. This time away has been a blessing. I've enjoyed sleeping in, watching movies, drinking wassail and just being with family. I'm definitely rejuvenated in moments like these. Here are the few pictures that I did take. Clint and I standing in the snow. Someday he'll thank me for making him take all these pictures. It snowed more than once while we were in Amarillo. I just love a white Christmas.
My side of the family celebrating Christmas.
I know this is probably the strangest thing ever, but we got ear candles in our stockings at Clint's house. We (me, Clint, Scott and Lauren) had been talking about doing this all week and then they ended up in our stockings. It sounds and looks pretty gross, but you just put that long thing in your ear and let it burn all the wax and dirt out. We eventually had to take it outside because the smoke detector in the house was going off! The coolest thing though...when it's done burning, you can take it out and look at all the wax it pulled out. I know, soo gross! Everyone was in awe of the wax that came out of Clint's ear....let's just say that when I pulled the thing out of my ear everyone was even more impressed. SICK! Anyway give it a try. The next home remedy I want to purchase is a neti pot...anyone had any luck with those?

Happy New Year...see you in 2008!

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Kenli Shea said...

I almost burned all of Hall's hair off with those candle ear things, ask her it is funny.