Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new year; a new you

So, as promised I'm blogging about my new years resolutions. I've never been big on resolutions, but this year, for some reason is different. I mean, I've always had a few things on my mind, but I'm putting them in writing this year. I'm not going to forget by mid February what they are. I'm going to work on them...some daily, some weekly, some monthly...who knows. I've devided them into categories to help me remember them! I'm not a pro by any means, but hopefully the 2008 resolutions will be a drum roll please.

1. Health: Like millions of America...I want to loose weight. I'm going to go ahead and say that I want to start with 20 pounds. There, I said it. 20 pounds. I can do it. My goal is by summertime. We'll see. No, you'll see. I'm going to do it. Another goal in this category is to eat three meals a day...healthy ones at that. My new favorite thing for breakfast is oatmeal. Who would have ever thought I would like oatmeal, but I love it! I cut up a banana and chop a tablespoon of pecans up to put it GOOD! I want to drink more water too. I've never been good at this. Give me a Sonic Vanilla Coke and I'll have it down in no time...give me a bottle of water and it will take me all day. So, I'm starting with 4 bottles a day. I should do more I know.

2. Spirituality: I want to be challenged this year. It's so easy in Abilene to get comfortable. The church where Clint preaches at is not necessarily the place we'll grow spiritually so we're thinking about different options. I want to read more. I always enjoy reading when I actually sit down and do it. I want to find situations that I will be challenged, that I will have to think differently, that I will have to defend what I believe. This is my toughest one, and not sure how I'll go about it, but I want to be moved...I want to be changed.

3. Life: I know...a pretty big category. But I just want to be better. Clint said this a few months ago...that he just wants to be better at life. I want to be better at loving people, better at being passionate about life, better at slowing down, better at listening, better at taking advice. I want to laugh more, encourage more, pray more and LOVE more. Again, haven't nailed down how to do this, but I'm trying to be cautious of this every day. I'm usually a thinker, but I want my sensative feeler side to come out more.

So...that's it. Some pretty broad goals and some pretty detailed ones too. Most of all, I need accountability.

On to more exciting things! Clint's laptop completely died this week. We noticed it wasn't taking any charge from the outlet so we tried to fix it, but earlier this week it went completely dead. So now....I'm blogging from this incredible machine!

Also...reading my friend, Lindsay's blog, made me remember this. Anyone watching American Gladiators? Clint and I are LOVING it! I just can't believe that one guy is as tall as Clint, but has 100 pounds of muscle added to him...whoa! But...get this. I had to be in 4th or 5th grade when American Gladiators announced that they would be traveling all over the nation to compete with individuals across America. I remember watching the show with my dad and sister when it came across the screen that the Gladiators would be coming to Amarillo! Amarillo...who goes to Amarillo? We were thrilled...beyond excited. So, of course my dad got tickets for us to go. I could barely sleep the night before and I couldn't focus on one thing at school that day.

My dad got home from work and my sister and I had our matching shirts, washed out jeans, keds tennis shoe, side ponytails and hot pink scrunchie selves ready to go. He told us that we could pick any place in Amarillo to go eat before the big show! Awesome. After much consideration, guess what we picked. know that ghetto drive-in that's not half as good as Sonic. It was probably better that way so nobody would make fun of our matching red and blue eye glasses as well. I ordered a cheese burger with mayo only, no vegies. We scarfed down the hamburgers and shakes and off we went! I was peeing in my pants with excitement...not really, but I was stoked!

I don't remember much of the show just the excitement leading up to it. I do remember our favorite Gladiator, ICE, was there. The Gladiators dominated, I went on to middle school and the show was canceled. Luckily now though, I wear contacts, my hair is too short to fit into a scrunchie and the show is back! Life is good...oh, but I still order my cheeseburgers with mayo only. Sick, I know.


Katie said...

That was a good post, Kat. You will do great at your resolutions!! I'm proud of you for writing them out, that's the first step! Love you and am so glad you are my friend.

Laura Webb said...

That is so funny because my dad tried out for gladiators, but didn't make it in the last round, but we got tickets anyways and went to see them in San Angelo, Tx, that may be more random that Amarillo!!

Liss and MOMMY said...

Love the post, I need to do the resolution thing. Is it to late when it is the end of Jan.?