Friday, April 25, 2008

A few things...

After my last post, quite a few people would come up to me and bring up the awkward text. It's still awkward...thanks for the reminder. But, in the midst of that story, I was reminded of another awkward story that happened just weeks before that.

I had a group of about 80 sophomores visiting ACU one day. Number one: We all know sophomores in high school could care less about college at that point. Number two: We all know they were there just to get a day off of school. Number three: Why can't I seem to be normal around teenagers?

Here's what happened. I was scheduled to give just a short speech about ACU...nothing big. So, I was busy talking away and the students were busying flirting with each other. Typical, right. I wanted them to pay attention and get excited about I said,

"The first person who can show me the Wildcat hand sign will get a prize." (Giveaways always work wonders.)

This student in the back raised his/her hand and had the Wildcat up immediately. I was impressed and said...

"HE'S got it! Stand up and show everyone."

The student slowly stands up, embarrassed for some reason and says, "I'm a girl."

No lie...I say, "No you're everyone the Wildcat."

Again, you know where this is going. He was a she!!! A very manly she though. I can't imagine how red my face was. I just played it off for the next few minutes, but couldn't stop thinking about it for hours. To my defense would have thought she was a he too....don't judge me.

Earlier this week, I was in Colorado. On my flight back to Abilene, I picked up that Sky Mall magazine....I was bored and couldn't sleep. I was thumbing through the pages and came across this clock....

Really??? Who needs a clock to remind them what day it is?

One more thing...Clint and I are scheduled to get our George Bush money this week!!! We have a ten page list of things we're going to do with it....I can't wait.

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Kenli Shea said...

laughed so hard. Who says, "no, you are not"? I mean really kat.