Wednesday, May 14, 2008

4 years strong

Today...well tomorrow really, marks the 4th year anniversary of our of marriage. Just thinking about all the preparations and anxious feelings I was having 4 years ago right now gives me chills. I remember going to bed the night before the wedding...I was scared out of my skin, but couldn't wait for the big day.

My feelings today are much like they were 4 years ago. With Clint being gone for a few days now, he's constantly in my head...I keep wondering what he's doing, where he's going, what he's thinking. I remember having those same thoughts the day of the wedding...wondering if he was as nervous and excited as I was.

We didn't see each other the whole day of the wedding. I was busy preparing myself with the girls and he was out eating BBQ and watching movies with the guys. The time came for everyone else to walk down the aisle and I was left in the room...just dad and me. I'm tearing up just thinking of that. I kept telling my dad...don't say a word or I'll start crying...don't even look at me. He did well until right before the doors of the chapel opened. He just you..and that was it. The doors opened, everyone stood up and I couldn't get it through my head why they were staring at me. I remember just saying that over and over to my dad...."Oh my gosh...they're just looking at me, dad." I didn't realize everyone that I had ever known was going to be looking me in the eye, mouthing sweet words, winking, or crying themselves. And then I lost it...tears were streaming down my face and by the time I got to Clint I was a basket case...a good basket case though.

When it was time to light the unity candle and for us to just have as much time alone as we could... (It's difficult to have alone time when everyone is still just watching you!)...Clint did say a few precious things, but then he busted out with, "I've got the keys to our hotel in my pocket...don't you worry." Classy, Clint...and it's on our wedding video for all to hear!

Anyway, the day was perfect. The honeymoon was perfect. And today, marriage isn't perfect, but it's the BEST decision I ever made...or will make for that matter. Clint truly is my partner in life. I'm more in love today than I was 9 years ago when we first fell in love, more in love today than I was 4 years ago when we tied the knot. Happy 4 years, babe!

Gosh...that got mushy fast. Here are some pictures to lighten the mood. Enjoy!

One of our very first pictures together as an official couple. This was taken the summer of 1999...a little over 9 years ago. I was about to be a Junior and Clint was starting his Senior year of high school...we were young and in love! I know you're jealous of those bangs.

I know it's probably weird that the first picture I posted doesn't have Clint in it...but I just love this shot. photographer won an award at the Fair for this picture...famous!

I don't really remember anything at this point of the day...but I know we were both relieved that it was finally over!

Just one of my favorites.

This is one of my favorite pictures. You can't really tell, but Clint is standing two steps above me and is still that much taller than me. When we kissed at the end of the ceremony, he stepped down two steps before kissing me too...precious!

On a dinner cruise in Hawaii....I so wish I was there right now!


Mom said...

It was a beautiful and most wonderful day! I love you both! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

You're not supposed to make me cry when I'm around other people (especially guys), they make fun of me and call me names. I love you madly. Happy Anniversary.


Allison said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Such a sweet post, Kat!! I hope this is the only anniversary that you 2 are apart!!

We will be in A-town in July for K3. Would LOVE to see you guys! Also in August when my baby sister moves into the good ol' dorm! Maybe you can take good care of her for me next year! HA!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Kenli Shea said...

Thanks for the memories. That was a great day, except for those shoes you made us wear. haha. Love you guys.

Allison said...

Youve been tagged!!!

Rosalyn said...

Kat!! I can not believe it has been four years...that flew...I remember driving up with Andy Z and Zach Garza...what a fun car ride! Love and miss you!