Sunday, July 20, 2008

I need (another) vacation!

About three weeks ago I was able to go with Clint's family to Lake Travis in Austin for vacation! Since the rules are pretty strict about Clint's internship he was going to have to stay in Amarillo while the rest of the family packed up and headed out...even me. Sure, I wanted Clint to come so bad....but I'm not gonna pass up a vacation wouldn't either. Don't judge.

It was wonderful. We were on the lake everyday, I didn't put makeup on once and I just wore my bathing suit for an entire week. It was awesome! Here is Allison and me on the jet-skis.

On Monday, I had the excellent idea that Clint just fly down to Austin. He was going to have Thursday and Friday off why didn't he just jump on a plane after his Wednesday class? And that he did! I was giddy like a school girl when I picked him up from the airport. It had been three weeks since I had last seen him. Here's what we looked like all week...again don't judge the natural no makeup look.

Clint and I had to sleep on an air mattress, but it didn't really matter where we slept as long as he was there. I would have slept standing up for all I care. was his idea to do the Gata diamond...geek.

Again, I could careless that anyone sees how terrible I looked all week and how dorky Clint looks in this picture. We had 3 fun days together...a much needed break from not being together.

The vacation was awesome and I definitely didn't want to leave. I highly recommend the resort we were Don't worry...I've got two more posts ready to go after this check back soon!


Peachtree Bend (aka Kenna) said...

Now that I found your blog, I'm going to have to let Abby know. She will be sooooooooo glad to feel "re-connected" with you two. Thank you for everything you did for the her and the youth at Central. God Bless you.

Allison said...

Those pictures of you and Clint are too cute. And I only wish I looked as good as you do without make-up. Such a natural beauty!!!

It was so great seeing you last week!!!!

JENNY said...

I love that picture of you and Clint in bed. haha. Glad you had a relaxing vacation!