Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Evening with the President

Last night we had our Abilene recruiting event known as "An evening with the President." Each student has the opportunity at the end of the night to take their picture with you know...D Money. Once in a lifetime opportunity right?

So...most of you know that my good friend Linds just left to live in Oxford, England a few weeks ago. Well, we miss her terribly at work so we decided this would make her and us feel better.

Jordan, Linds and I were like the 3 amigos at work...usually agreed with each other about work stuff...went to lunch together a lot...and just really good friends. So, Jordan and I took the opportunity of a lifetime to the next level.

We miss you Linds! We're thinking about asking Royce to fill the hole on our lunch dates and office errands. I'm sure he'll agree.

1 comment:

Katie said...

your hair looks A-MAZING, just so you know!!

i miss you a whole bunch. see you soon, hopefully!