Monday, June 20, 2011

Gender Reveal

Long before Clint and I found out the gender of our little one, I knew I wanted to have one of those cute gender reveal parties. So, about a month before our big appointment, I contacted my friend Ashley at Snowbird Designs to get her help in creating the perfect party. It turned out great!

Clint and I actually found out two weeks earlier than we thought we were going to find out, but kept it a secret (from most) until the big party. I was about 18 weeks and got that nervous know...not showing that much, not sick anymore, not able to feel the baby yet nervous feeling. So, we randomly decided to make an appointment at Stork Vision in Amarillo to go get a glimpse of our baby. That was a great experience. We were able to take our parents and spent about 20 minutes in awe of the little one. When the sonogram tech went to find the gender, we kicked our parents out of the room so it would just be Clint and me. Immediately when they were out of the room, the lady said...I already know what it is. We were stunned...being only our 2nd sonogram we were still unsure of what we were looking at at times. I'll never forget when she said, "it's a little boy." I thought the tears were flowing they REALLY were! Clint was ecstatic. He would have been happy either way, but I think deep down every guy wants a boy right? So, away we went with secret in hand for two weeks! LONGEST two weeks ever!

When the guests arrived we asked them to make a name suggestion for baby Burns (even though we were pretty set on a name). Some were serious, some were funny.

We had lots of blue treats and lots of pink treats.
The guests dressed in the color of their guess.

Then the big reveal. My grandma was there and we let her cut the cake. It was so fun watching her get so excited! It's a BOY!

We had such a fun time revealing the gender of our little guy. We're so blessed to have so many family and friends already care about sweet one. Clint, of course, teared up during the party when he addressed all the guests so that of course, made me tear up! We'll be basket cases come delivery. I made cake balls as party favors and we called it a night.

Here's a look at 25 weeks. I'll be 26 on Wednesday. Time is flying!!!


JENNY said...

1) So glad you are blogging again!!
2) What a fun party. I can't believe you had to keep the gender a secret for 2 weeks. That would have been so hard for me!
3) You look gorgeous!!!

Ashley said...

You are looking so cute! The party looked like a blast! Thanks again for letting me help you with it!

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad you're blogging! Keep it up!