Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's try this again

I've thought long and hard about blogging again. One day I'm for it, the next I'm against it. Today, I'm for it so I took the leap and decided to write. We'll see how long this lasts.

So...where to begin? A lot has happened since March 2009. I won't fill you in on all the juicy details, but we'll just pick up from where we are now. Let's see....

Clint graduated with his MDIV in December 2009. I was so proud of him. Can you believe that an MDIV is 84 hours long when most Masters are only 36? Way to go, Clint!
We got busy looking for churches and accepted a position in Oklahoma in March 2010. We moved to Oklahoma (did NOT become OKIES) in May of 2010. We live in the cute little parsonage pictured below.

The good news is that I get to keep my job working for ACU. So, I painted my office purple and off to work I go every morning...just in pajamas and no makeup. It's the life.
We're enjoying our life here. It's a sweet town and the sweetest church. We've learned more in the year that we've been here than probably the four years it took to complete the MDIV. Ministry is tough, but rewarding. Just like any job, I suppose. We've made friends here too. We love hosting people...especially our small group at Christmas time!
Soon after Christmas, probably the biggest change so far is that we saw this little guy pop up positive!
It's been a whirlwind of emotions. First, we saw the positive test, then I start throwing up (yep, pretty sick between week 7-13), then we see the little sonogram, then hear the little heart beat. It's just so surreal. I'm BLESSED with Clint Burns. He's been wonderful throughout this whole process. I'm 25 weeks and our baby boy, Graham, is due September 28th. Forgive the no makeup summer look..

That's enough for the first post back. More to come on our life in Oklahoma!


Cassie said...

YEA!!! I am subscribed to your blog in Google Reader and was so excited when it popped up!! So excited for y'all and I LOVE that you are using Graham!!

Allison said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! YAY! I am thrilled you are back blogging again. I promise, you will be so glad you have this later on. All your thoughts and memories on here. You just can't beat it!!

So excited for y'all to become parents. What joy it'll be! I love the name Graham too!! Congratulations!!

Leah J. said...

I LOVED this update! I'm with you on blogging ... I feel great about it some days and am excited to update, but most days I just don't feel like it:) Your belly pic is ADORABLE! You and Clint will be such precious parents!

Cara said...

Love that you are blogging again! Maybe that will inspire me. :) You two are going to be amazing parents and you are super cute pregnant.

Kelli said...

Glad you're back! Yay! Congrats on being pregnant, you look so cute!