Thursday, July 28, 2011

My sweet boys

Every night for the past few months Clint and I have been reading to baby Graham.  We've heard it will make him smarter...haha!  Who knows if it will do any good, but it gives a sweet time in the evenings to connect with each other and with Graham.  Clint's a far better reader than I am....his impression of the Big Bad Wolf is by far my favorite.  Here we are a few nights ago.  Our sweet dog, Murphy decided to jump on the couch and join us.  Typically, I wouldn't let Murph on the couch, but it was just so sweet...I had my three boys right there all in one place.  

Working from home has been so great with pregnancy.  I haven't had to buy all sorts of maternity clothes and I get to keep the thermostat exactly where I want it (explains our $400 electric bill this month). And...I can work from anywhere I want to.  Murph and I went to the nursery to work today.  I can see many days like this ahead! 

Speaking of the heat....Clint and I will do a much better job at planning a winter pregnancy next time!  This heat is just awful.  That's the only thing I have to complain about right now.  I know we've had at least 50 days over 100, and I would guess it's more than that.  Hopefully these temps go down in the next 2 months!  Who knew I'd get pregnant during the hottest summer EVER.

Due date is exactly 2 months from today.  CRAZY.  Today I went to get a pedicure and here's the conversation I had with the nail technician as I was getting into the chair. 

Her: "When your baby come?"
Me: "2 months from today"
Her: "Ohhhh, you big!"

I'm just learning to take comments like that.  What am I supposed to say back?  If she saw my husband, she would understand....everyone would look like this if you were carrying Clint's child!


Mom said...

Love it and love you and all your boys!

Lindsey said...

Omg...two month to go?! I know the perfect city you could visit to get out of that crazy heat!