Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Graham's Nursery

Well, Graham's nursery is all DONE!  We just need him in it!  I love how it turned out and I find myself just looking in there every day to make sure it's still perfect.  My mom came in this weekend to help put the final touches on it and help with several other things.  Thanks, mom!  She put the stroller and pack n play together, hung the sweet valance (that she made), put the car seat in the car and lots of other little things.  Baby Graham is blessed to have her...I am too!   

So here's the big reveal of the nursery, my new favorite room in the house.  
I just love the colors.  I never wanted to have a blue baby room.  Nothing against it, they just aren't me.  So when I saw this bedding online I knew that I would love the orange, brown and green look.  I love his bedding and that cute valance! 

Pretty simple changing table/dresser.  I know it's probably stupid of me to put a mirror right above his changing pad.  We'll see how many times I'm having to clean that before it gets moved!  

This is probably my favorite part of his room.  That chair is super comfy and I know I'll spend a lot of time in it rocking the sweet boy.  Most of the frames on the wall are filled with maternity pictures and a sonogram shot.  2 frames are reserved for his newborn shots.  I love the shelf on the left.  I got it off Etsy and it's exactly what I wanted.  The little shoes hanging in the middle were Clint's shoe's when he was a baby...so special.  And thanks to my dad for staining the night stand to match our furniture!  You can barely see it, but the Texas soil is there on his night stand...just had to have a little part of Texas in there.  

So there it is.  All we need is a baby.  Continue praying for us and for Graham.  Who knows, this could be my last post before his arrival!  Let's keep our fingers crossed. 


Ashley said...

It looks great, Kat! I love it all!! Now hurry up little Graham! :)

Mom said...

I love it and I love you! Thanks for letting me be a part of this special time for you and Clint. Can't wait to get my turn rocking Graham in that comfy chair!