Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Countdown!

We saw our doctor yesterday for our weekly appointment and I knew something was a little different when he didn't even measure my uterus.  Typically, he comes in, we listen to the heart beat and he measures me then I sit up and we talk about any updates.  He sat me up right after we heard Graham's heart beat and said....I don't even have to measure you, you're bigger again.  So, he gave us a few more details, statistics and options and sent us to labor and delivery for a non-stress test and a sonogram. 

The tests weren't any big deal and it was actually fun hearing Graham's heart beat for about 30 minutes straight.  It was fun to actually hear his movements too instead of just feel them.  He got the hiccups and that was fun for Clint to hear for a bit.  We saw his body all curled up on my right side and got to see his sweet little face again too.  His lips were puckered out and they were by far the cutest lips I've ever seen!'s the update.  They think he's weighing about 8.5 right now...taking after his daddy!  And typical amniotic fluid is about 12 cm, but I was measuring about 24 cm.  I'm measuring about a week early. They aren't concerned with the fluid level yet, but could be in the coming weeks. 

So....we scheduled an induction date!  If Graham doesn't come on his own by next Sunday (the 25th) then I'll be induced because of his size. That's just 2 days before my due date.  I've had so many thoughts and emotions over the past 24 hours since this was all decided.  If you've been in this situation you now how frequently your emotions and thoughts can change.  Ultimately, I want a healthy baby and a healthy mama.  And ultimately, I trust my doctor to lead us in the right direction. 

More importantly though, my trust is in someone far greater and far more powerful than a doctor.  I'm praying for a peaceful week and a half and for my mind to be at ease.  I'm praying for sleep at night...that's when those fears and anxieties kick in.  I'm praying for sweet Graham's little body to be healthy and that the induction will go smoothly.  I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have a C-section, but praying that if I do, it will be completely fine.  I'd love your prayers too! 

Mom's coming this weekend to put the last touches on the nursery so I'll post pics of that soon.  And, we'll be re-packing little Graham's hospital bag....probably not going to need those cute little newborn clothes anymore! 

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JENNY said...

Praying for all 3 of you! Both Jude and Madelynn were big babies, so I feel your pain and worries. I bet everything will go awesome, though! Can't wait to hear more updates in the coming days. :)