Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to work

Well, the day came and went...the day I went back to work.  Having those 15 weeks off to get to know Graham were simply amazing.  I'm so blessed that I was allowed 12 weeks maternity leave and then got an extra few due to the holidays being in there.  But, back to reality now.  Our schedule really isn't that bad, I have to keep telling myself that.  Clint's off on Mondays so he takes care of G while I work.  Then G goes to a sitter on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-4.  Last Thursday was our first time to drop him off.  I was a mess, but luckily had meetings all day to keep my mind off of it.  Today was the 2nd day I dropped him off and I was completely fine.  He's in good hands, sweet hands, the perfect person for our family!  I prayed and prayed for this situation and I'm so blessed that it worked out just perfectly.  Look at cute little G before church on Sunday.  I can't get enough of him! 

This is cousin Owen and Graham during Christmas.  Such cute boys, Owen will be 2 in March. 

I sat G up by himself the other day.  This lasted a whole half of a second, but it was worth a shot. 

And here's my little man today right before I took him to Miss Brenda.  What a cutie.  

So, I give kudos to all you working moms out there.  It's tough leaving those little ones with someone else.  But I will say it's been good to use my adult brain again!

I've been doing some research about the next car seat for Graham.  What do you other experienced moms like?  He's about 16 pounds now so I don't think he'll last too much longer in his infant car seat and I want to be prepared with a new one when he's ready.  So, opinions please! 

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