Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Recap

Christmas was much more fun this year with Graham in our lives.  It's disappointing that he didn't get ANY presents from his grandparents...huge sarcasm there!  We're definitely going to have to invest in some sort of chest or toy box soon due to all the gifts he received. We had a blessed time in Altus and Amarillo this year with both of our families.  It was so fun to spend the holiday with Graham.  Here are a few pics of our week and a half holiday!
ReeRees with Graham and Caroline in their Christmas attire.

Daddy and Graham after his Christmas morning sermon.

Pop and Caroline and Graham in their matching Christmas pjs.

My grandmother with her 3 great grand kids; Caroline, Sadie and Graham.  Such a sweet picture.
 Over the holidays, Graham turned 3 months.  It's crazy how time flies!  He's such a big and happy boy.  He weighs about 16 pounds right now and is probably about 25 inches long, he's definitely going to take after his daddy!  He's sleeping at least 5-6 hours at night, wakes up for a feeding and then goes right back to sleep.  He's awake and ready to play by 7:30 usually.  He takes short naps in the mornings, but usually takes a long nap in the afternoon. 
 He loves his musical play mat that he got for Christmas.  He kicks at the piano and swings his hands at the toys usually for a good 20 minutes in the mornings.  We've put him in his jumper a few times and I know he'll love that soon.  He's definitely found his voice and will coo and coo at you when he's in a good mood.  His smile will melt your heart into a million pieces.  He's such a happy baby.  He really only cries when he's hungry or fighting sleep. 
 He's grabbing at toys and LOVES his hands.  They are constantly in his mouth.  If the TV is on, then he's watching it....I'm not a huge fan of this, but it's funny to watch how mesmerized he gets at all the movement on the screen. 
 See, just look at that smile!  He's wearing size 2 diapers and takes infant formula.  He usually eats about every 2-3 hours during the day.  We pulled out some baby pictures of Clint over the holidays and he definitely looks like his daddy.  I'm ok with that :). 
 I'm headed back to work this week.  I was so blessed to take the entire fall semester off to stay home with Graham.  I cherished that time.  We have a lady from church who is going to watch him 2 afternoons a week so I can concentrate on work then the other times he'll work with me from home!  Again, so blessed. 
He got this mobile for Christmas.  I was against mobiles when he was first born, I basically didn't like how it looked in his room....but opinions change when you see how much he likes it!  All in all, we're one happy family.  I can't imagine life any other way.  Blessings in 2012!

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Mom said...

It was such a fun holiday! You left out the part about the great meals you fixed for us for breakfast and dinner on Christmas Eve day. Blessings to you, Clint and Graham in 2012! I love you all!