Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Abilene, Abilene prettiest town I've ever seen

A few weeks ago, I had to spend the weekend in Abilene for work.  It was Sing Song weekend so mom and I packed Graham up and we headed out.  I was so lucky that my mom was able to take off work for a few days so she could come with me and take care of sweet Graham....I had to beg her, you know ;).  We had a great time shopping, working, relaxing and introducing Graham to a place that's near and dear to my heart. 
 Mom sent me this picture while I was working on Friday.  He was so happy to be spending time with her!
 On Friday afternoon, Graham got to meet his sweet friend, Cora.  She's precious and I'm so glad they got to meet!  Forgive the ACU rain poncho...the weather was terrible, as always, for Sing Song weekend.
 Saturday was spent shopping and ReeRees got to wear G in his baby carrier.  Don't they look cute?!?!
 Oh gosh, we went shopping for an outfit for Graham to wear for Easter.  This is just a preview of what we found.  He's the preacher's kid, you know, so he has to look his finest on Easter.  He'll be sporting his new seersucker suit!  CANNOT WAIT! 
I just love this video.  Sweet Graham loves his ReeRees...and she's pretty fond of him too!  Thanks, Mom for taking off work and enjoying Abilene with us.  Love you dearly!  Graham loved his first Sing Song experience.  He sat on my lap through the entire first act and just laughed and smiled.  It was precious.  I can't wait to for many more trips to Abilene for sweet Graham!

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Mom said...

I loved spending time with you and Graham in Abilene. I'm the one who got the best end of that deal! :) And listening to Graham coo and laugh out loud at the Sing Songs acts was the best! That sweet boy has my heart. Love you and I'm ready to go again anytime!