Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting Solids!

Graham has had a big week!  All in one week, he turned 6 months old, started solid foods, rolled from his back to his tummy, and switched to his new big boy car seat....whew, that's one tired momma!  We documented his first bites of real food.  We started with avocados and he was NOT a fan.  But, we soon moved to peas, and he seems to like them.  Here are the shots in chronological order. 

Not too sure what he just tasted...

 Really not sure what's in his mouth at this point.
 Confused at why we're still feeding him this gross stuff!
 Seriously, it's gross.  I'm not kidding!
 I'll try to cover my mouth so they can't push it in.  (Yes, it's on his was our first time!)
I've had ENOUGH, get it away! 

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