Thursday, April 19, 2012

Born to be a Wildcat!

We got our ACU Born to be a Wildcat onesie in the mail last week and just had to have the photo shoot!  I first attempted this on my own and you can see how that turned out.  Once Clint got home and was there to make Graham laugh and smile, he did much better!  Here are the outtakes and the winner.  Cross your fingers we make the ACU Today! 
A little distracted!
Laughing, but not at the camera!

Distracted again!
This is what he does when he can feel the wind blowing, opens that mouth right up!

Let's see if I can get away!

Seriously mom, just because we went inside doesn't mean I'm gonna smile!

In fact, I'm going to be stone face.

Ok, Dad's here now, I'll make funny faces at him. 
Gosh, daddy is funny!
And the winner!  Look at that cute lil wildcat!

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Amy Couchman said...

so cute! maybe i will end up being his group leader at kadesh one day and will get to baptize him! fingers crossed.