Thursday, November 15, 2012

A boy and his hat!

Lately, Graham has been OBSESSED with hats.  We have some hats hanging in his room and if you take him in there he says, "hat, hat, hat," until you get him one.  He wakes up from naps and points to his hat.  He has to have it on all the time.  If it falls off, he tries to put it right back on...and then crawls to me to put it back on.  It's precious. 
Here are a few pictures of him in his many hats!
This is his John Deer hat, a gift, of course!  He loves it and his John Deer tractor!
      His Gap hat...I had one like this in high school so mom bought it for him. 

       One of my hats he had to have when we were playing in my room one day.
        At a birthday party with his BFF, Elle.  See...he keeps it on wherever we go!
                   His Ranger hat, going out for my birthday lunch! 

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