Thursday, March 14, 2013

All things Graham

I haven't had a long monthly update about Graham in some time, so here ya go.  Really, it's just for me, but maybe you can share in my joy?!?!  Graham will be 18 months next week....I'm sorry, WHAT?!?!  Where in the world did my baby go?  He's growing up waaay to fast.  He's definitely in toddler stage and it's incredibly cute.  I smile and laugh everyday by something he does.  He really is the funniest person I know.  Here's what Graham's up to these days...
 He's a great traveler!  In the past few weeks, we've been to Abilene, Amarillo and the DFW area.  Graham usually sleeps the whole way if we plan our trip around nap time...and of course if he has his friends Burt and Ernie to sleep with (pictured above).  It doesn't get much cuter than that.  Speaking of Sesame Street...G LOVES it!  He knows every character by name and gets so excited to see them come across the screen.  It's really the only show that we let him watch right now and he's obsessed!  He calls Elmo LaLa (every parent can sing the Elmo song right...lalalala Elmo's world).  But every other character is spot on, it's precious.
 We started taking him to a weekly gymnastics class for toddlers.  He's the youngest one in the class and usually the only boy.  He loves it though...mainly because he gets to see his BFF, Elle, and they get to run and jump on all sorts of cool toys.  I love that we can work on balance and strength in a fun environment.  And it's good socially too!   Don't tell his daddy I told you, but Clint took gymnastics until he was 6!  Like father like son....
 Graham is so curious these days.  He loves exploring new places and things.  It's fun to watch him experience something new.  Just about a month ago he started having some separation anxiety.  So much so that he would scream when I left the room for nap time.  We tried many things to help him, and eventually led to me rocking him to sleep for naps again.  We're just starting to get out of that routine and he's going to sleep on his own again now.  It never happened at bedtime, just naps.  He still sleeps great through the night, about 8pm to 7:30am.  I'll play all day with him as long as he sleeps at night!
 His vocabulary is exploding!  Everyday he picks up a new word and he's starting to make phrases now too.  It's so cute.  He'll look at me and say, "Dada?"  I'll say, "Where is Dada?"  Then he says, "Dada work."  LOVE it.  He knows the sounds of about 15 animals, but don't ask him to say them to you...he usually only says them to Clint and me.  If I ask him to say them to someone else, he acts shy...awesome...make me look like a fool, Graham!  We're starting to work on colors and letters.  So far, he thinks every letter is an's a start, right?  And every color is blue...hey, at least he knows one color and one letter...we're progressing! 
 He's still obsessed with hats.  He's got about 7 hats that hang in our door way and before we go anywhere he gets to pick out a hat.  He usually picks one of Clint's hats at first, but then knows to pick one of his.  He's got the most precious Easter hat that I'm so excited about...I had to put it away so he didn't choose it everyday and mess it up.  Can't wait to post pics!
 Graham is a GREAT preacher's kid!  We're trying to train him to love Jesus and the Bible.  Here he is in Bible class loving the Bible.  Right when we all sit down to eat (doesn't matter which meal) he'll bow his head really quickly and say AMEN!  He's usually too quick to say AMEN, but I'll take it.  One Sunday night he shouted AMEN after a prayer in our service and everyone laughed...funny boy, that Graham. 
 He LOVES books!  Every night before bed time, Clint reads him 3 books.  Many times he wants more can you say no to that!  This picture was taken during our snow blizzard a few weeks ago.  Clint sat there and read probably 20 books to him....look at their morning bed head hair!
 It's so cute that he's remembering other people now besides me and Clint.  A few weeks ago we kept my neice, Caroline and Graham absolutely loved having her around.  He calls her CaCa.  We have her picture in the hallway and when we go by it he'll say, "CaCa."  Love that he knows her!
 He also loves his BFF, Elle.  We see Elle at least 3 times a week for a walk or play date or park date.  When she's around he'll just shout her name constantly, it's adorable.  They crack each other up too, I love watching them play together and so glad he's got his first friend.  Elle had to leave gymnastics early this week and that whole day Graham would say, "Elle, bye bye." 
 See, the kid LOVES books.  This was one morning when I was blow drying my hair.  He climbed up in that chair by himself and was just looking at that book.  Goodness, I can't get enough of him!
The weather has been so nice lately and he's gotten his fair share of being outside.  He LOVES being outside.  We can't say the word "outside" until we are literally ready to go out.  I can't even tell him to get his shoes on before he's darting out the door (or trying to, we do keep it locked).  He loves balls and will just chase a ball outside all day long. 
Here he is looking at our dog, Murphy, through the fence.  He loves touching the leaves, the dirt, the sidewalk...anything.  He's all BOY when he's outside. 
Sweet Graham, you bring a JOY to my life that is indescribable.  You are such a gift to your Daddy and me.  Being your momma is the best job in the world...our bank account may be empty (or close to it), but I wouldn't trade my time with you for anything.  You are a true blessing.  Love you, angel face. 

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Ashley said...

Can't believe he is getting so big! He is so handsome & looks like so much fun! Reading your post made me get even more excited about all things BOY coming into our house!!