Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a blessed Easter this year.  Again, holidays are much more fun with Graham in the picture.  We did a fun activity for some of Graham's little friends.  I found the cutest idea on Pinterest to "Egg" a friend's house.  We hid 12 Easter eggs in their yard, rang the doorbell and ran!  Well, I rang the doorbell and ran!  Here's the catch though, one egg was empty and it was to represent Jesus' empty tomb.  I left a little note on each door explaining that.  So cute, right?  We did it to four friends and it was fun to see/hear their reactions.  We'll make this a new Easter tradition!   Here's G with his dollar bill from one of our favorite ladies at church.  She sends him a dollar for every holiday...we used this dollar to buy his very own milkshake!
 Graham and I in our Easter outfits.  You can't tell me dressing a little boy isn't fun! He LOVED his hat too!
 Sweet Caroline and her parents were here too!  What a pretty girl in her purple! 
 Graham and Pop before church, just talking with the guys.
 Graham and his best friends; Ford, Kooper and Elle.  You should have seen us three moms trying to get them all to was entertainment for the whole church, I think!
 Graham knew exactly what to do with the eggs! 
 Once he got about 3 in his basket though he was more interested in seeing what was inside! 
We had a busy busy Easter Sunday....Clint preached, of course, I taught 2-3 year old Bible class, led the children in our Easter program (which was more than precious), threw out the Easter eggs while Clint was preaching, and then watched my cute little man hunt those eggs.  Oh...and then had 9 people at my house to feed....we ordered in!  And yes, I'm the horrible mom that didn't get a single picture of the 3 Easter baskets Graham opened...oh well.  Maybe next year! 

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