Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our silly boy

I never promised to be good at this blogging thing!  I do wish I was better, but when I seem to find the time, I choose something else.  Oh well.  So, here's the monthly post.  I wanted to share and remember how straight up silly Graham is right now.  He seriously is the funniest person I know.  I laugh daily, he continues to be a pure joy.  I can't believe I get to be his momma. 
He loves ask him for a bite, you'll get one.  You ask him for a hug, you'll get one.  You ask him for a kiss, half the time you'll get one!
 We've been playing outside a lot lately and Murphy has gotten used to us being out there.  He still jumps a bit, but overall he and G get along smoothly.  See, Graham just wants Murph to have another bone.  He'll say, "Woof, bone!"
 Oh gosh, was this a morning!  Graham found this hat and his bow tie in a drawer when I was getting him dressed.  He immediately started shouting, "HAAAT, TIIIE," over and over again.  So, I put it on him.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  It was a HUGE deal when I went to take it off before we went to the store.  So, I decided that it doesn't matter what Graham really wears to the store...and off we went.  A few weird looks, but over all a lot of laughs, giggles, and smiles.  What a ham. 
 Oh, and he LOVES glasses too.  Eyes, as he calls them.  We eat many meals with eyes on, we take many car rides with eyes on, he'd wear them to sleep in if I let him. 
 ICE!  He loves anything cold and sweet.  This ice cream date was a special treat after his 18 month check up.  He knows when we drive by Braum's and will say, "ICE!"  He takes after his momma in this department!
 Super Graham!
 See, sharing again!  We share an apple almost every day after his nap and this particular day LaLa (Elmo) was hungry too. 
 Another "eyes" shot.  This was on our way to church one Sunday morning.  He got those on all by himself, said "COOL," and walked out the door.  Yes, they are upside down...they are most of the time.  He's so cool he doesn't even care.
 We lost these "eyes," and I'm so sad.  He was extra cool in them.  Look at that sweet church hat we had to have.
 No lie.  One night after a long road trip, we were all just watching TV and Graham runs into his play room and comes back like this.  Gosh, I love him.
 Here's the new water table that ReeRee's bought Graham.  It didn't take him long to stick his whole head and face in the water.  He LOVED it and just died laughing at himself.  I mean, if it's hot you do what you gotta do.  And it's HOT in Oklahoma...108 next week!
 Just had to add this little cutie to the mix of silliness.  What a stud going to church. 
 His favorite store here is Atwoods because they have baby chicks.  Again, hat and eyes have to be on.  And I believe he picked out his shirt this day too...he LOVES his basketball shirt. 
I love being this little guy's momma.  He's precious beyond words and can make his momma laugh at the drop of hat....literally.  La la love you, sweet boy.

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Lindsey said...

hahaha, he's so funny! what a cool guy!