Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our almost 2 year old!

Before I spend some time blogging about our busy summer, I wanted to do a quick update on our sweet boy.  I CANNOT believe he'll be 2 in almost a month-time has FLOWN.  I loved my job at ACU, but quitting that and hanging out with Graham all day is the best decision I ever made.  Here's an update on our little guy...
 He loves the park!  In fact, anytime we drive remotely by the park, he thinks we're going.  He'll say, "please, momma park!"  Altus has been too hot lately to have any fun at the park so we're looking forward to the cooler weather so we can spend more time outside. 
 He just looks too big in that swing-can't get over how much he's growing!  We're in size 2T clothes right now and have been for a while.  Sometimes we need 3T for length in the shirts-he'll have a long torso like his dad.  He's still into hats-they each have their own name though.  He'll say, "Altus hat (pictured above), Deer hat (camo hat), Mickey Mouse hat, Cowboy hat, Texas hat, and Car hat. 
 And this boy LOVES tractors.  Two sweet men from our church were cutting wheat during the summer and invited Graham to come ride in the tractor.  What fun!  Guys-did you know tractors are air conditioned?  It was just like riding in a big car.  It was such a treat for Graham and now he always says that BT and Bob drive the tractors.  They are his favorite men at church for sure!
 G got him some cowboy boots over the summer too.  He wasn't too keen on them at first, but now he'll randomly ask to wear them around the house.  Who can resist a 2 year old in boots? 
 The boy loves him some watermelon (and putting his feet on the table).  He'll gobble up watermelon and cantaloupe in seconds.  Also, a weird thing that he loves is cooked green peppers.  I make a dish with these in them and all we ever hear that night is, "More peppers, please momma." 
 Graham's favorite place to be is in the lap or arms of his Dada.  About 4:30 everyday he's ready for dada to get home.  He asks and asks if we can see his truck yet.  He might even throw a few tantrums for dada!  The feeling is mutual though and I love watching them play, wrestle and have fun together. 
 He's soo silly.  The above picture-one day he just came up to me, stuck his head under my shirt and said, "Where'd me go?"  Good hiding place, Graham!  I have no idea where you could be!
 The boy loves ice cream too!  We try to only have it for special occasions.  This occasion was after he was basically tied up at the church for 2 days straight while I was decorating for VBS.  He did so well playing and not getting into too much!  I love our little dates together. 
 Above all though, Graham loves it when everyone is home.  He'll say, "Momma home, Dada home, Me home."  We're all home and together-just the way it should be. 
Now for a few details just so I'll remember-
*He's saying 4-5 word sentences.  He's becoming independent, "Me do it," is something we hear often.
*He still takes just one nap a day-usually about 2 hours.  Goes to bed at 7:30 and up at 7:30.  He's a great napper and sleeper.
*He loves trucks, tractors, balls, all things boy!
*He loves helping Dada feed FeeFee (Murphy), our dog every morning.
*He loves watching Sesame Street, Curious George, and the Doddlebops
*He can count to six with a little help from us.  We have to say, what comes after 4...and he knows!
*He knows all of his basic colors.  You can tell his favorites are green and black-he shouts them when asked what colors he sees!
*He knows about 25 animals and their proper sounds.  The skunk, dolphin, and squirrel are my favorites to hear!
And last but not least--we are potty training.  Call me stupid, silly, whatever you want.  I've gotten plenty of stories about how boys are harder to train and how if I start him younger it will only take longer.  I've heard how your son regressed 3 times.  I've heard it all.  BUT-guess what.  I'm with Graham every day and I know him best.  He's ready.  He's shown all the proper signs.  And, he's doing great with it!  We started about a week and a half ago and he's on day 2 of big boy underwear now.  He gets it.  He even went potty 4 times at church on Sunday with no accidents-so proud of him!  All the books I've read say that this is a great time to start because he still wants to please me and still enjoys the celebration that happens after he goes.  We are doing the train him in 3 days method and so far, so good!  Crossing my fingers that we'll be fully potty trained by age 2 (September 21st).  Wish me luck, encourage me, just don't tell me your horror stories ok?  Ok. 
All for now, love you sweet, Graham!

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Kelli said...

Kat, he is so precious! What a little cutie! I am so glad you are enjoying staying at home! And I must say, you are SO brave! I have been dreading the whole potty-training thing, and you have given me HOPE! It sounds like it's going great! Way to go, Mama and Graham!