Monday, August 29, 2011

Altus Shower

We were blessed beyond belief this past weekend with our shower here in Altus.  The hostesses did such a wonderful job of decorating and setting up.  It was so fun to walk into the room and see all the cute ideas they had come up with.  Baby Graham is one loved little boy already.  Thank you, Tamarack for the generous outpouring of love!  Now, time to find a place for all his stuff!

 The food was yummy!  And, they sent me home with about 20 of those cupcakes...exactly what I need right now!  Ha!
 My sister, Caroline, my mom and Clint's mom all came in for the shower.  Caroline was quite the entertainer...I was ok with the attention off of me at times!  She even went home with a gift too!  Being from Texas, we are always given a hard time about UT vs. OU.  Clint of course is an avid UT fan, but he's in the minority here.  I was surprised that we were only given one OU sippy cup for Graham!  Clint wouldn't allow it in the house though so off to Caroline's house it went!
 The sweet hostesses who did a great job.  Thanks to them, we have everything we need!
Graham just took over our house...for such a little guy (fingers crossed) he sure has a lot of stuff!

Clint has surgery scheduled on Wednesday so keep praying for that.  Then, it's downhill from there and Graham can make his appearance anytime! 

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Mom said...

Had a fun weekend! That sweet boy (and you and Clint) are truly blessed! Can't wait to hold that precious boy!