Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Say What?

Well, tomorrow marks 37 weeks, full term!  And tomorrow marks one week since Clint got his tonsils out.  That's been a tough road, but we're starting to see the light.  Poor guy hasn't left the house in a week and hasn't eaten anything except mac and cheese, potato soup and milkshakes.  Hopefully he'll be fully recovered in another week. 

You always hear that people say the wildest things to pregnant women, and now I totally get that!  Over the past few weeks I've gotten quite a few comments that make me think the person truly did NOT think about what they were about to say.  Funny thing is...most have happened at church!  So, I've learned to laugh them off as best I can.  Here are the top three things said to me recently:

This one was about a month ago:
Lady: When's your due date again?
Kat: September 28th
Lady: Ohhh, I don't think you'll make it til then, you've been big for a while now. 

Awesome.  Thanks. 

This one about 3 weeks ago walking out of church on a Sunday night.  Granted I had just taught about 10 2-6 year olds so I'm sure I looked tired.

Man: Well, Kat, do you feel the same way you look?

Hmm...I'm sure I didn't look good, but really?

Then here's the last:
Lady: Kat, you and I carry babies really similarly.
Kat: Oh really?
Lady: Yeah, I looked a lot like you do, but I was having twins!

Like I said, I've learned to just laugh them off.  Clint's huge, I'm short...we've got a lot of things going against us.  We're headed to the doctor on Thursday for our first "check."  I'll post a picture and an update then...until then, just taking care of my TWO babies! 

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Mom said...

So funny!!! Can't wait for Graham to get here so I can come and take care of my TWO babies (by that time Clint will be able to take care of himself again)!