Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On Texas Soil

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately.  We've been quite busy with showers, a little trip just for us, getting the nursery ready etc.  But, we're on the downward part of things and have only 5 weeks until Graham makes his appearance. 

This past week, I was in Abilene moving the freshman in and helping with orientation.  It was my last traveling trip until after baby comes.  I was so relieved to get home last night and know that I'm here for good now.  One more thing to get through though before baby comes.....Clint gets his tonsils out next week. Yep, I'll be 36 weeks pregnant and my husband is undergoing surgery, we're crazy, we know.  He's had strep 4 times since we've lived in Altus though so it's time....and I definitely don't want Clint getting strep around a new born so surgery it is.  Prayers appreciated! 

When we first found out that we were pregnant, we mourned (kidding a little) that our child would be born in Oklahoma! Ha!  So, we quickly decided that at some point we would gather some Texas soil and would place it under my hospital bed so technically we can say that he was born on Texas soil.  Well, while in Abilene, I gathered the soil...and not just any Texas soil, ACU soil.
I went around to some favorite spots on campus and dug around...sorry ACU, but this is important!  Went to Jacob's Dream, my office at ACU, and then the main entrance of campus. 
I seriously can't wait to get to the hospital and see the nurses reactions.  I'm sure they'll hate it....but we'll LOVE it.  And we've planned to keep the little jar of soil in his room so he'll know his roots.  Cheesy, I know!
Sweet baby Graham, you'll be born on Texas soil and we'll take you for your first visit very soon.  Here's the 34 week picture just to keep ya updated.  Haven't taken the 35 week shot just yet...have to do laundry before I can take that...ha!

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Lindsey said...

Man, the soil idea is a good one! Why didn't I bring some to CA so that I could sleep on Texas soil? You look hot! Graham looks big!