Sunday, December 30, 2012

The most wonderful time of the year!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas this year!  Christmas is just more fun with Graham...wouldn't you other parents say so?!?!  I now understand how easy it was for my mom to go crazy when shopping for presents for my sister and me when we were little.  We always had huge Christmases and now I totally get it! 
I was brave enough to let Graham do a little Christmas painting.  We had one canvas left over from our kids Christmas party at church so I let him have at it.  It lasted all of 10 minutes because paint was in his hair, all over his clothes and of course in his mouth...just like everything else these days!  It was pretty cute though and an art project we'll treasure for years to come.

 We had our little family Christmas early last Saturday morning.  It was a perfect 2 hours.  Graham LOVED his Cozy Coupe...he just kept saying, "truck, truck, truck."  All cars are trucks right now.  He didn't get out of it for the entire 2 hours before his morning nap. 
 Then, on Sunday, we headed to Amarillo to celebrate with both of our families.  We had a celebration on Sunday night, Monday morning and our last one on Monday afternoon.  Graham was spoiled to say the least!

Clint actually had to come back to Altus on Christmas eve due to the blizzard weather and the fact that he had to preach a funeral the day after Christmas.  We were sad that he missed some precious times....but we knew this is what we signed up for when it came to ministry.  Sadly, the lady who I mentioned in my last post that was diagnosed with lung cancer just one month ago, passed away the Friday before Christmas.  We definitely missed our daddy, but knew he was ministering to some special people during a difficult time. 
We came home with a car load of toys and things for Graham.  So much so that I officially decided to make my office into his playroom.  My purple ACU wall will soon be painted navy for a sweet little boy's toys.  I seriously can't wait to get it done! 
Hope your holiday was blessed!

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